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The Power of Evernote

By March 31, 2014 No Comments

While it is not the newest, flashiest, or sexiest new app on the market, you will be hard pressed to find an app that has more uses in the real estate industry than Evernote. If you are not currently using Evernote your business you are most likely doing it things the hard way. As the real estate industry continues toward paperless transactions, and the need for instant information, Evernote can help you not only store that information, but organize it and most importantly search and find it.

This information that is highly important to your business, and you can be stored in Evernote using text, voice recordings, photos, or even emails and files. Here are the ways every Realtor could start using Evernote today.

  1. Keep notes on every client conversation – Through client notebooks you can keep everything you do with a specific client organized. Once again, this can be property tour notes, recording of your conversations for later use, photos to remind the client of specific details of a home, as well as all associated documents.
  2. Create a checklist for your buyer / seller interview – Through checklists, you can make sure you gather every pertinent detail when you sit down with your potential buyers or sellers. This can once again include your conversations so you don’t miss anything, pictures so you can refer back to them, and of course lists of wants and needs.
  3. Create a custom property tour for your buyers – Using Evernote you can add MLS sheets, hyperlinks to a map, and of course give the client a way to make their own personal notes.
  4. Share all client information with the clients – Once you have created all of these notes, you can then share them with your clients. This way there are no misunderstandings and you can refer back to them when making decisions.
  5. Manage your passwords – Through encryption, you can create a password list that only you can access within Evernote and then search for those passwords when you need them.

In my daily life I have literally found dozens of uses for Evernote. What’s more important is that it is cloud based so it will sync across all of your devices and works with PC’s, Mac’s, Android’s, and of course iPhones and iPads.



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