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Organize your contacts with Contactually

By March 31, 2014 No Comments

Looking for an easy way to manage your relationships? Try Contactually.

If you are a Realtor or lender that works by primarily by referral, Contactually is a great relationship marketing tool that is easy to use, and keeps your contacts from falling through the cracks. The key to Contactually is its ability to manage your contacts over a wide variety of platforms automatically.

Through Contactually, you can manage all of your contacts through your email accounts or MailChimp, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, CRM’s like SalesForce, and even your phone calls through the Contactually app. Here is what makes it so simple though, 95% of the communication is documented in Contactually automatically without having to do anything!

Another key feature that adds to the usability and simplicity of Contactually is its merge function that pulls your contacts from all of your different platforms and merges them together. For example, if you plug in your login credentials for Gmail, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts as well as uploading an old .csv database, it will automatically pull in all of the contacts and give you the option to merge them together. Once you pull your contacts into Contactually, you can easily ‘Bucket’ or categorize your clients into pre-defined groups.

Once you have all of your contacts Bucketed, here’s where the magic happens. You assign a date range for each bucket, for example I have a Current Client Bucket and I want to contact everyone in that bucket at least once every 30 days. If I email, contact on social media, or call through the Contactually app, the clock is automatically reset on that contact. However, if I have not contacted someone within 30 days Contactually will create a list of people I need to contact that day. It is simple, proactive, and assures that you are staying in touch with every contact in your database.  Thus, no one falls through the cracks!

There is a 30 day free trial with Contactually so it is worth giving a try. If nothing else, use it to cleanup and merge your database, then export it out and plug it into whatever system you prefer for your business.  Check out all of the Contactually Academy for a series of videos showing you all of the features.

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