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Nudge: Simple E-Mail Marketing

By March 31, 2014 No Comments

Nudge App ImageAs I talk to Realtors and Lenders, they are more than happy to tell me about how much they hate the SPAM they get from other industry professionals and vendors. The ironic part is that they are usually sending the exact same thing to their database.

So this begs the question, what do most consumers want in their inbox?

These days consumers want simple, relevant content that is easy to digest and usually visual. This is exactly what Nudge accomplishes for Realtors and Lenders.

Nudge does away with paragraphs of content, complicated tables, and ugly graphics, and instead has a limited number of simple templates that include five key items:

  • The agent’s identity (logo)
  • A big image
  • A headline
  • A space for simple details and copy
  • A strong call to action

Through their simple interface and emails, you can get that ‘touch’ out to your clients without boring or overwhelming them. If you’re committed to putting out simple relevant content this year, Nudge is well worth the $149 per year.

To check out sample ‘Nudges’ go to their Gallery. You can also see a library of their past webinars which will give you best practices prior to ever shelling out any money. Just go to their Past Webinars page.


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