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Looking forward: Detour your clients with location based audio walks

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Detour - Audio Walking Tours

A few weeks ago, several members of the WFG National Title tech team and I attended Real Estate Connect SF (Inman News‘ real estate marketing and technology conference) to stay on top of the latest marketing, technology, and industry trends while gleaning some best practices from top “tech savvy” Realtors from all over the country.

During several of my conversations I heard people saying they were excited by some of the products and technologies that are coming soon to our industry (which will of course be featured here on the WFG TechTalk blog).

As someone who is constantly trying to help our business partners stay modern within the fast paced and ever changing world of real estate, I think I get even more excited by new products and tech OUTSIDE of our industry that can be creatively adapted to work for us.

Here’s something I stumbled upon today that I think could be pretty awesome if implemented correctly once it’s available:

Detour – Location aware audio walks

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHFZ9UUYed0?rel=0]I see a lot of potential for something like this. For example, an agent could create a narrated walking tour of a neighborhood similar to what’s portrayed in the video above. Talk about architecture, parks, restaurants, etc, etc.

Why not create tours for each of your listings? Or get several agents together to create a neighborhood walking tour of all your listings, similar to an organized bike tour of listings an agent did when I was at M Realty in Portland, with a whole immersive mobile experience built around each (think responsive single property websites, video tours, iBeacons, etc).

Plus, who says you actually have to walk? You could create a tour of all mid century modern or luxury listings across town (might want to check with other agents about legality of “advertising” their listings in this form) that clients could drive by to preview.

So many possibilities “coming soon”. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas on how to implement them into your business.

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