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iContact E-mail Marketing Services

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iContactWhen in the field, my clients frequently ask me about the best and most effective ways to stay in contact with new and existing customers.  Also, how they can keep their staff involved in the marketing process?   As everyday business increases, marketing to new or existing clients is the first thing to take a back seat.  Knowing how tough it can be to keep it all going, I decided to start looking at solutions to help agents get their marketing efforts back in the driver seat.

iContact, powered by Vocus is a content management and email marketing system.  This system offers over 200 different message templates, step by step video tutorials and weekly webinars to keep you up to date on all the new techniques when marketing to your clients.  They offer both online live chat (which has a unique feature indicating an offline status when no one is available), and phone support to either help you get started, or for a little extra per month, they offer Premier Services, which pairs you up with your own Strategic Advisor.  They state that their advisors will help you with designing your message, and build a long-term marketing strategy.  They also claim to keep an eye on what’s going on in your industry as well as your competitors.

When compared with other similar marketing software’s like Constant Contact and Aweber, iContact earned 21 out of 25 stars from Reports.com, and rated best in show from CRM Review.com.

Each company I looked at offered some sort of free trial to its potential customers, but what made iContact unique from the other offers was their free 15 day trial period.  This offer included up to 500 emails to 250 of your contacts and did not require a credit card during registration.   That way there’s no worry about getting billed for a service that you weren’t real thrilled about.  Overall, the system seemed to be user friendly with a pricing structure that was inline or slightly above its competition. I would definitely recommend looking at all that email marketing and campaign management solutions have to offer before making a decision.

For more information visit: www.icontact.com

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