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Digsview: Leverage your list of trusted service providers

By June 13, 2014 No Comments


HandymanHow many times do you get asked for referrals for a painter, a handyman, a home inspector, or a plumber after the sale of a property?  If you’re like most agents, it’s fairly often.

How cool would it be to store and share this list with your clients, via a personally branded app, so every time they access it they’re reminded how awesome an agent you were?

This app enables you to:

  • Keep your name and contact information continually in front of clients
  • Provide clients with an easy way to access and hire recommended home service providers
  • Strengthen your relationships with your favorite home service providers
  • Grow your business in a viral fashion

If there’s one thing real estate agents tend to struggle with after selling a home, it’s staying in touch with their clients after the transaction closes. Use Digsview as a tool to help alleviate that problem.

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