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Coming Soon: Interactive real estate listing videos

By July 2, 2014 No Comments


Imagine watching a listing video and having the ability to click around inside the video as it plays, exploring details and features of the home, getting related neighborhood statistics, and even changing color of the walls from room to room.

Sounds pretty far fetched, right? Well, not if Fuisz (pronounced “Fuse”) Media has anything to do with it.

Using a proprietary algorithm to identify and track people and objects throughout the video, the Fuisz Media model creates item-level interaction in every frame. On the back end (not seen by the user), items are tracked and hand-programmed to link out to their relative features.

From the user’s perspective, it’s as seamless as: See something you like or want to interact with? Touch it.

Check out this quick example video:

While I know this is about as far from a real estate listing video as you can possibly get, I’m willing to bet it gets your wheels turning on the possibilities this kind of technology can present our industry.

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