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App for easily exporting contacts off your phone

By June 13, 2014 No Comments


Backup-Phone-Contacts-to-CSVA big part of creating a successful marketing plan revolves around your sphere of influence/database of contacts. The problem is, it’s usually a pretty big challenge getting all your contacts into one location. Most agents I work with have contacts in their CRM, Gmail, Outlook AND their mobile phones.

Of course each of these platforms have some sort of export functionality allowing you to export to a CSV file, but until recently, if you wanted to get all the contacts off your phone you had to sync it with your computer which can be an overwhelming task for some.

Well, here’s an app that can help:

It’s called “My Contacts Backup” and it basically allows you to export all contacts on your phone into a CSV file so that you can then import them into a spreadsheet or CRM. It’s WAY easier than having to sync your phone to your computer, and then exporting from whatever program is on the system (outlook or Mac Mail).

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