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7 Ways to Land a Million Dollar Client

By September 19, 2014 No Comments

One of the great things about the real estate business is the possibility of landing a “big fish” client looking to buy a million-dollar-plus home. It happens all the time, at least in theory. So what can agents do to catch and maintain the attention of these luxury home buyers? Here are a few innovative ideas, culled from the Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco.

  1. Look overseas

More and more foreigners are investing in U.S. real estate. Last year, sales to foreign investors amounted to almost $100 billion. Speak a foreign language? Why not use your blog to cater to potential buyers from countries that speak that language? It’s just common sense, really. Wouldn’t you want to work with an agent that spoke your native language?

  1. Hang out with rich people

Obvious, yes. But also effective. After all, real estate has a lot to do with who you know. So travel to exotic locales, go to charity events, art shows and fancy clubs and just meet people. Cultivate a network of wealthy contacts, and you’re likely to end up with some of their business.

  1. Be their concierge

Working with ultra-wealthy clients, especially those from other countries, requires an exceptional level of service. Simply showing them neighborhoods and setting up home tours is not enough. Raise the bar and help them with everything from hotel accommodations to currency exchanges to guidance through getting a new driver’s license.

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