COMMUNICATE. COLLABORATE. CO-EXIST. WFG is built upon the directive to communicate, collaborate and co-exist – represented in its logo by three “C”s. WFG understands that it has no purpose without its clients, and that its success is dependent entirely upon the success of its partners and customers.Client focus manifests itself through constant communication and an unconditional willingness to collaborate at every opportunity. By exercising communication and collaboration, WFG integrates with its client processes and co-exists for the consumer’s benefit.

COMPLIANCE. THE FOURTH “C.” WFG’s expanded compliance program meets the stricter demands of today’s compliance environment. By actively collaborating and communicating with customers, lenders and agents faced with new compliance requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), WFG further demonstrates its commitment of co-existing for the consumer’s benefit.


“We are acutely aware that our clients and their customers look to us for assurance that the settlement services business is conducted in a manner fully in accord with consumer finance law.”


“We are developing programs and implementing controls which enable WFG to proactively identify and mitigate risk. The regulatory environment our industry faces today demands an aggressive approach to compliance, and we are in a unique position to assist our customers, agents and partners in this regard as well.”

DON O’NEILL, WFG Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer