How do I access the system?

Point your browser to www.wfgscholar.com and logon using your Williston domain username and password credentials (williston\wfgscholar). If you are uncertain about your username and password, please contact your local help desk.

Do I have to download any software or be connected to the company network?

There is no software to download and you do not need to be connected to the company network. WFG Scholar is a cloud-based training system. You can access your training materials from anywhere you have access to the internet.

What if I can’t login?

If your Williston username and password are correct and you cannot login, you most likely do not have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser. These are required by WFG Scholar to operate effectively. Please contact your local help desk for assistance.

What if I want to view this training on my iPad or iPhone?
Some courses require Adobe Flash™. Unfortunately, that product is not supported on iOS devices.

Who do I contact for help?
For help with any of the system requirements or login support, contact your local help desk. For all other support, contact training@wfgnationaltitle.com.

What if I don’t have speakers or headphones to listen to the audio portion of the training?
Each course has text that you will be able to read and view on the screen. The text location on the screen depends on the course.

Can I print or save any of the courses?
You can print and save any additional reference materials that are listed on the right side of each course page under Additional Reference.

How do I get credit for taking a course and my completion certificate?
You will receive credit after you have viewed all of the screens and taken the Assessment for that course. Some courses will prompt you to download your certificate upon completion, while others can be downloaded or retrieved any time after completion.

How will I know if I have mandatory training to take and am I reminded if I forget to complete the course?
You will be notified by a system email that you have been assigned a mandatory training course. Typically, you will be given 30 days to complete the training, unless your email gives you a shorter deadline. The system will notify you seven days prior to your deadline if you have not completed the course.

What happens if I get interrupted while I am taking a course? Can I log back in?
The system allows you to exit a course and resume later. You can log back in by pointing your browser to www.wfgscholar.com and entering your login credentials.

How can I find out which courses I have completed?
Completed courses are located under the Achievements heading within the system menu. You can view your completed courses and download completion certificates for many of the courses at any time.

How often are courses added to WFG Scholar?
New courses will be added on a monthly basis. Watch for communications from WFG Training emails, The Fourth C, or visit the training site often to see what is new.