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Pat’s Insights: Highlights from the Business Briefing Radio Show

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Watch Pat’s highlights from the Business Briefing Radio Show about the current state of our market.  These monthly clips are designed to keep you up to date with all things related to real estate.


Pat’s Insights 2-25-14 from Justin Tucker on Vimeo.

WFG’s Compliance Management System (CMS) Coming to a Desktop Near You

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

One of nearly 30 prewritten policies and procedures offered to agents

Confused by the CFPB and talk of “Best Practices”?
Don’t know where to start?  Unsure of how these industry changes will affect your business?  WFG is here to help you!

WFG is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its Compliance Management System (CMS), a simple, intuitive structure to help any agent of the Company navigate the changing compliance environment.

Housed on the Company’s agent website, the CMS system is comprised of a basic education about new regulatory requirements, but its primary feature is a “library” of policies and procedures prewritten but customizable in a fillable form for agents to simply modify based on their own agency’s processes. (Please see partial sample of one of the library’s policies to the right.)  These offerings cover everything discussed in ALTA’s Best Practices and more, from “Clean Desk and Clear Screen” policies to “Disaster Recover” policies.

Along with these policies and procedures, WFG is providing agents the ability to create their own, full-service compliance package with other miscellaneous items lenders want to see – documents such as overviews of the agency, bios of key staff, and organizational charts.  Where the policies and procedures are the chapters and core of a metaphorical book, these “extras,” provided as WFG’s commitment to collaborate with agents, are the book’s cover, table of contents, and index.  Together, they create a complete compliance package that can be handed off as a thorough, professional product to any lender or requesting regulatory body.

What this comprehensive program means to agents is pivotal: Less time handling important, but often-cumbersome, administrative tasks, and more time performing the day-to-day title and escrow duties that sustain their business.  What this means to lenders and regulators is equally important: a standardized operations program to help safeguard lenders and consumers.

WFG’s CMS also serves as a warehouse of information about technology products that can assist agents in their implementation of CFPB-compliant processes.  From document shredding to email encryption, the CMS site connects agents to technology solutions that will help agents streamline their compliance procedures.

Finally, WFG’s CMS site serves as a current training and news source on CFPB-related topics.

The site is expected to rollout to agents in April 2014.  The CMS will be reviewed and adjusted continuously, based upon feedback from agents, lenders, regulators and other key stakeholders.

For more information contact Rick Diamond, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Agency Operations at or 617-721-9703.

WFG Introduces Compliance Management System for Agents

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Technology will enable agents to meet ALTA Best Practices, demonstrate safeguards to clients.

Santa Barbara, CA  March 7, 2014              WFG National Title Insurance Company (“WFG National Title”), has introduced technology that will enable title agents to implement key compliance safeguards as well as demonstrate to the agents’ clients that they have done so.  The Compliance Management System (CMS) will soon be available nationwide.  WFG National Title is a full service provider of title insurance and real estate settlement services for commercial and residential transactions nationwide.

According to Joseph Drum, Esq., Executive Vice President overseeing WFG National Title’s agency division, the CMS software meets and surpasses the American Land Title Association’s (ALTA) Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices (Best Practices) requirements, saying “it addresses some of the concerns that many mortgage lenders have expressed about partner compliance that rise above and beyond those areas covered by the Best Practices, which is the first step in any agent’s CMS of course.”  WFG National Title’s CMS will enable agents to implement the necessary compliance safeguards and demonstrate to clients that those safeguards are in place.  A WFG agent will able to deliver to a concerned lender a notebook detailing the agent’s CMS and how it works.

“Our agents have been asking for several months what it takes to be compliant,” said Drum. “This CMS has been reviewed and approved by many of the country’s leading lenders and GSEs.  Providing this tool to our agents is merely an ongoing part of our responsibility to collaborate with them.  It will help them not only to stay in business, but to grow their businesses as well.”

The CMS will be reviewed continuously, based upon input received by WFG National Title from the lender and regulatory community. WFG National Title will offer an on-line service that enables a title agency to verify that it is operating under the CMS.  The service will also allow the agency to advertise its participation in the program.  “The real estate industry has been struggling to define what is necessary to comply with federal law and regulations,” said Drum.  “We see this CMS as a defining document demonstrating what we in title and settlement can do to protect both our consumer and business customers.”

The technology will only be available to WFG National Title agents.  For more information contact Rick Diamond, Vice President of Information Technology, Agency Operations at or 617-721-9703.  You can also learn more at, or by contacting  any WFG agency regional manager.


About WFG National Title Insurance Company

Portland, Oregon-based WFG National Title Insurance Company, a Williston Financial Group Company, is a national provider of premium title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industry.  The fastest growing national title underwriter, the WFG family was the nation’s seventh largest provider of title insurance at the end of the third quarter in 2013, three years after its entry to the market.  (Based upon market share.  Source:  American Land Title Association  WFG National Title also delivers a wide variety of residential and commercial mortgage lender services, including default and real estate owned transactions.  The company enjoys a Financial Stability Rating of A’ (A prime) as assigned by Demotech, Inc.  Built around the directive to “communicate, collaborate, coexist,” WFG National Title Insurance Company is committed to applying a new philosophy to the traditional mortgage and real estate industry, working to meet the changing needs of its clients, agents and associates.  For more information, please go to

WFG Lender Services Broadens Capabilities with Acquisition of Valutrust

Friday, April 26th, 2013

WFG Lender Services Broadens Capabilities with Acquisition of Valutrust

Addition of national vendor management firm and platform will increase geographic coverage for lending clients.


Westlake Village, CA—April 15, 2013          WFG Lender Services (“WFGLS”) has acquired Valutrust Solutions, LLC (“Valutrust”), a national mortgage services and technology development business based in Overland Park, Kansas.  WFGLS is a national, full service provider of title insurance and real estate settlement services for lender real estate transactions.


The acquisition of Valutrust expands WFGLS’ product offerings in two ways.  First, it extends the company’s menu of services to include appraisal management in all 50 states.  Secondly, the Valutrust technology platform gives lenders the capability to manage all mortgage related services. The proprietary technology integrates with clients’ loan origination systems, allowing lenders to manage third party lending activity such as appraisal management, collateral review, flood certifications, 4506 tax returns, title and closing services.


“We are delighted to have Valutrust affiliated with WFG,” said Patrick Stone, President and CEO of WFGLS parent company Williston Financial Group. “This transaction will provide our loan originators the most elegant and efficient platform for ordering and tracking appraisals, title and other components of the mortgage transaction.  Our lending client will now be able to order and track all phases of the entire loan process using what we believe to be the nation’s most comprehensive platform for appraisal and title transaction management.”


“The addition of Valutrust expands the resources WFGLS provides for mortgage lenders throughout the country, growing our product offering to include appraisal products and a top-flight technology,” said Bill Moody, Executive Vice President overseeing WFGLS.  “For our clients, this means more products from which to choose and improved efficiency.”


Lance Melber, Co Founder and CEO of Valutrust, sees a natural fit between WFGLS and Valutrust, “Both companies have long operated with the same core philosophy:  Without the client, we simply do not exist.  Everything we do is for the customer.  The Valutrust Portal drives efficiencies for our clients, saving them time and money. In combining our resources with WFGLS, we look forward to building an even stronger experience for our clients.”


For more information about WFGLS, go to  For more information about Valutrust, go to


About WFG Lender Services


WFG Lender Services, a Williston Financial Group company, is based in Westlake Village, California, and provides premium title, closing and settlement services in all 50 states for mortgage lenders of all sizes.    The company fields national processing offices in Texas and California, and delivers a wide variety of residential and commercial mortgage lender services, including title insurance, closing, escrow and more.  WFG Lender Services makes use of top-end technology, industry experience and an organizational focus on customer service to deliver its products effectively, cost-efficiently and quickly.  Built around the directive to “communicate, collaborate, co-exist,”  WFG Lender Services is committed to applying a new philosophy to the traditional mortgage and real estate industry, taking the time and cost out of real estate transactions in order to best meet the changing needs of its clients, agents and associates.  For more information, please go to