WFG’s Compliance Management System (CMS) Coming to a Desktop Near You

One of nearly 30 prewritten policies and procedures offered to agents

Confused by the CFPB and talk of “Best Practices”?
Don’t know where to start?  Unsure of how these industry changes will affect your business?  WFG is here to help you!

WFG is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its Compliance Management System (CMS), a simple, intuitive structure to help any agent of the Company navigate the changing compliance environment.

Housed on the Company’s agent website, the CMS system is comprised of a basic education about new regulatory requirements, but its primary feature is a “library” of policies and procedures prewritten but customizable in a fillable form for agents to simply modify based on their own agency’s processes. (Please see partial sample of one of the library’s policies to the right.)  These offerings cover everything discussed in ALTA’s Best Practices and more, from “Clean Desk and Clear Screen” policies to “Disaster Recover” policies.

Along with these policies and procedures, WFG is providing agents the ability to create their own, full-service compliance package with other miscellaneous items lenders want to see – documents such as overviews of the agency, bios of key staff, and organizational charts.  Where the policies and procedures are the chapters and core of a metaphorical book, these “extras,” provided as WFG’s commitment to collaborate with agents, are the book’s cover, table of contents, and index.  Together, they create a complete compliance package that can be handed off as a thorough, professional product to any lender or requesting regulatory body.

What this comprehensive program means to agents is pivotal: Less time handling important, but often-cumbersome, administrative tasks, and more time performing the day-to-day title and escrow duties that sustain their business.  What this means to lenders and regulators is equally important: a standardized operations program to help safeguard lenders and consumers.

WFG’s CMS also serves as a warehouse of information about technology products that can assist agents in their implementation of CFPB-compliant processes.  From document shredding to email encryption, the CMS site connects agents to technology solutions that will help agents streamline their compliance procedures.

Finally, WFG’s CMS site serves as a current training and news source on CFPB-related topics.

The site is expected to rollout to agents in April 2014.  The CMS will be reviewed and adjusted continuously, based upon feedback from agents, lenders, regulators and other key stakeholders.

For more information contact Rick Diamond, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Agency Operations at or 617-721-9703.

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