WFG is based on four simple cornerstones all of which are designed to enhance the customer’s closing experience.

Independent Escrow Agents

We Exist for You


Rest assured, WFG is focused on delivering exceptional customer service paired with a financially sound product that protects all parties involved.


WFG has one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry whose primary goal is to remain focused on the clients needs & deliver the best title experience around.


ValuTrust is a technology enabled vendor management system that allows lenders/banks to streamline their processes by integrating with systems to take the time and cost out of real estate.


Strength and Stability

WFG maintains superb financial stability ratings in the title industry.

Title Agents

Find forms, Rate Calculators, Staff & Locations in our Title Agent section.


WFG has created one family of companies dedicated to running a compliant business.

Exclusive Metro Market Data

Access detailed reports to stay current with the fast changing real estate market.

Lender Services

Learn more about WFG’s national lender services approach, products & services.

National Commercial Services

Our industry leading professionals can help you close your commercial deals with poise and expertise.

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